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The Covert Plan to
Microchip the Worlds Population.

Details of the "Unelected" Elite World Government / Freemasonic /
Big Brother / Bilderberg Group hidden agenda to microchip the worlds population towards Global Domination.

The Microchipped Population Society is continally being manipulated towards accepting compulsary microchipping.  By David Icke

Mark of the Beast! Conspiracy or Coincidence? An expose of the 666 barcoded microchip which is planned to be injected into every man, woman and child in the Western World before the year 2005.

British Telecom and the Mark of the Beast! BT's involvment  in the manufacture of the injectable microchip.

A Microchipped Population IBM's involvement in the   manufacture of the injectable microchip.

The Work of Doctor Phillip Kennedy & Dr Roy Bakay It might be wise to watch these "researchers" as potential war criminals as they may have performed involuntary human experiments in the Chicago area, in experimental implant research.

The Microchip and the Mark of the Beast Dr Carl W.  Saunders, the original engineer of the injectable microchip exposes its role in the New World Order.

Savages, Science and Brain Computer Systems: Excerpts from a 100 page report on the interlinking of the human brain with state computers via radio  communication

Microchipping Links to other Microchip Implant Technology.

Today, millions of military personnel around the world
have been microchipped - for reasons of "security"

Millions of domestic animals have been microchipped - for reasons of "security"

Countless thousands of innocent civilians have been covertly microchipped by their government during routine operations - for reasons of "security"

Fundamentalist politicians and government representatives are increasingly suggesting all prisoners and criminals be microchipped - for reasons of "security"

The same "Mindless Fundamentalists" are suggesting that laws be implement enforcing the mandatory microchipping of all new-born babies
- for reasons of "security"

Who's next?

Don't be a Robot - Don't be Microchipped!



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