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The facts are finally emerging from behind the facade of
our so called democratic system.

An overview of the "Unelected" Elite World Government / Freemasonic /
/ Big Brother / Bilderberg Group mentally and their orchestrated events
toward their hidden agenda of Global Domination.

This "New World Order" will impose a:

World Centralised Government (UN)

A One World Army (NATO)

A Centralised banking system
and electronic currency

A Microchipped population before the year 2005

All of which have fundamental implications for human freedom.



Psychological Fascism Behind the facade of our so called democratic system lies the true face of a Fascist Dictatorship.The sophisticated exercise of control utilises the ability to keep people oppressed yet contented. By David Icke.

Pyramid Power For centuries the Illuminati/Freemasonary Secret Society Network has been manipulating society toward their agenda of total control. By David Icke.

The "Global Village" One Government, One Army, One Bank, One Currency. More control in the hands of the few toward the New World Order. By David Icke.

Big Brother's Recipe for "Revolution in Military Affairs" An Engineered Revolution    towards the New World Order? By Glenn Krawczyk.

HAARP High Frequency vandalism in the sky. Its super powerful radio-wave beam may irreparably damage the planets atmosphere and severely distrupt our mental and physical health. By Dr Nick Begich and Jeane Manning.

HAARP The Military's Pandora's Box. The Ultimate weapon against society: By Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning

HAARP What's up with HAARP. A Lessson in post modern warfare.

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations "The Establishment's" Mind Control Experimental Research findings are used to direct the policies of the Illiminati/Freemason Network. By David Icke.

Fluoridation: Mind Control of The Masses? Despite damning evidence on fluoride toxicity, bureaucracies and multinationals continue to pollute our drinking water and mess with our physical and mental health

Fluoride: Poison in our tap water: The establishment is forcing society to intake Fluoride, the extremly poisionous chemical under the guise that it is benefical for childrens health. The real reason is: Mass Medication Toward Mind Control!

Flouride is More Toxic than Lead: And only marginally less so than arsenic.

Aspartame: Poison in our food: The bitter truth about artificial sweeteners.

Vaccination - Assault on the Species Vaccination Expose on: Measles, Mumps, Rubella Plague, Scarlet Fever and Cholera, Influenza, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus Polio, Tuberculosis , Hepatitis B, A.I.D.S. , Dog Vaccination, Blood Poison, The Medical Assault on the Brain , Vaccine Promotion , Immunity , Meningiti. By Pat Rattigan ND

Vaccine Contamination: Germ Warfare on Civilians? Hundreds of Millions of people around the world have been intentionally contaminated with cancer-virus ridden vaccines by the Pharmaceutical industry.

"War on Drugs" or "War on Society" The Elite Government's Lip Service goes on unthawarted while they import and distribute "Hard" Drugs to the people. By David Icke.

The Freemasonic Structure

The Brotherhood and the Manipulation of Society Toward Global Domination Freemasonry; The Round Table; Royal Institute of International Affairs; Council on Foreign Relations; Bilderberg Group; Trilateral Commission. By Ivan Frazer and Mark Beeston.

Electromagnetic Exposure: A secret Agenda? It is unadvisable to depend apon the establishment to pass on information to the public, for results can be altered to suit their vested interests. by Don Maisch

The Pharmaceutical Racket The Nazi links with modern medicine; widespread pharmaceutical fraud; the AIDS fraud; suppressed cures; the truth about disease; vivisection - far more than an animal rights issue. By Ivan Frazer.

Ecconomic Control The fraud of banks; steps towards a global bank; the World Bank; International Monetary Fund; Free Trade; European Monetary Union; Control of Food.
By Ivan Frazer.

Who We AreDogmatic religion; education; the media; "choice"; environmental movement; mind manipulation - paedophile Satanists in the White House; fluoride; a microchipped population.

Concentration Camps USA Many in the media have been aware of these hideous camps since their inception. It takes a look at the history of this century to know what will happen if they are populated. By Don Bradley.

Photos Of Detention Camp? Photographs showing a facility reportedly located on a National Guard base?

Educating for the New World Order The Federal Governments Mind-Control Program. Is there a hidden agenda within our education system to indoctrinate rather than educate? By Catherine Simons.

Education and Big Brother Should we let the Psycho-Educators loose on our children? By Catherine Simons.

Big Brother is Watching ....... Everyone: Extracts from Nexus, Truth Campaign and other publications  on Citizen Surveillance

Y2K Incompetence or Genius: An expose of the myth that the Y2K  problem was an accident. By David Icke.

It's Now 2000! The Y2K "problems" did not happen. Could the engineering of the Y2K hold other agendas? By George Farquhar

How our News is Controlled: How exactly 'Free' is our so-called 'Free press'?
Joseph Farrah

The Moneylenders and the Systematic Creation of Debt 97% of money in circulation, including all the money that sits in your bank account, is owed to the banks!

Debt and the Economy The motivation of the Elite financial dictatorship is fear.

Publications Exposing the: The "Unelected" Elite World Government / Freemasonic / Big Brother / Bilderberg Group and the engineered events towards their Global Domination.

Videos Exposing the: The "Unelected" Elite World Government / Freemasonic /
Big Brother / Bilderberg Group and the engineered events towards their Global Domination.

Who controls Who? The "Unelected" Elite World Government Secret Society Network Pyramids of Power.

Links to the "New World Order Agenda" on the Internet The facts of the truth are out there, to realize it, you only have to look!

It simply takes a genuinely inquiring heart and mind to realize that there are countless numbers of major conspiracies within our social-system designed to manipulate the minds of the masses.

It simply takes a genuinely inquiring heart and mind to realize that they are all connected by the same controlling force.

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