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The US National Security Agency's
Global Citizen Spying System.

This covertly run TERRORIST network
is designed to monitor and
manipulate EVERY citizen
Whoever or
Wherever You Are!

Echelon The NSA's Global Citizen Spying Network. Part 1: By Patrick Poole.

Echelon The NSA's Global Citizen Spying Network. Part 2: By Patrick Poole.

Echelon Exposing the Global surveillance system: By Nicky Hager.

Echelon They've got it taped: By Duncan Campbell.

Covert Operations of the U.S. National Security Agency   
The "heavies" of the Mind Control Police.
This Black Government "Silent Weapons" technology has been developed to monitor and manipulate the minds of
EVERY citizen - Wherever or Whoever you are!

The U.S. NSA - Echelon is now being widely expressed in the mainstream media. However, these propaganda issues are in fact a major cover-up of the real issues that the US National Security Agency are perpetrating

John St Clair Akwei exposes the Fascist, Tyrannical
and Dominating Mentality that the NSA have been
implementing apon the masses since the early eighties

Location of Echelon Remote Mind Control Centers Around the World

Echelon Dictionary Codes A list .

Echelon Links To other expose web sites on the net.

Echelon Protest Results Peaceful Protest at US National Security Agency (Echelon) Base in North Yorkshire, England, 4th March 2000.

New Protest Planned Echelon US National Security Agency Citizen Surveilance and Mind Control Centre, Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, England on 4th July 2000.

Email: pro_freedom_uk@yahoo.com

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Project Freedom
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NO more Lies - NO more BULLSHIT!

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