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Who are the Intelligence Agencies really?

Are they genuinely looking after the interests of society?
or do they exist solely to manipulate the minds of the masses?

An expose on how they work - their use of Mind Control,
engineered events and atrocities
to covertly manipulate humanity
towards accepting their hidden agenda of global domination.

Satanism and Sexual Child Abuse   One of the most sinister elements to the manipulation of society is the abuse of esoteric knowledge by the world's secret societies both for the purposes of political control and for sick personal pleasure.
By Ivan Frazer
In the US each year 400,000 children are reported missing, and in the UK this number is 98,000. Not all are recovered.

Mind Control Out of Control An expose on Cathy O'Brien's horendous experiences from childhood of being used as a Mind Control slave by the establishment. By Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips

Kindercare America's largest provider of preschool educational and child-care services. Kindercare owner is very close friend of George Bush, one of the world's
most famous paedophiles. A Freemasonic front for Satanic Ritual and Child Abuse?

STOP PRESS: Several more reports exposing Establishment/Intelligence involvment in the control of paedophile rings will be presented soon.

Hard Drugs   The trade in hard drugs is very important to the Elite for a number of reasons. It provides a source of income to finance other covert operations and creates a 'problem' for which the public demands a 'solution' of increased police powers and the erosion of personal freedom in an effort to stop the supply. By Ivan Frazer

!! STOP PRESS 25th June 2000 !!
George Farquhar Arrested
For witnessing and confronting under-cover government
security agents attempting to sell hard drugs
to children at Glastonbury Festival 2000.

Project Paperclip and the Nuremberg Farce 23 Nazi scientists were scapegoats for the Nuremberg trials. More than 2000 'Escaped' prosecution by being infiltrated into the western intelligence services to continue their horrendous crimes against humanity.

Covert Operations of the U.S. National Security Agency   The "heavies" of the Mind Control Police. This "secret" technology has been developed to monitor and manipulate the minds of EVERY citizen - Wherever or Whoever you are!

A History of Secret CIA Mind Control Research Techniques used By Government agencies for Mind Control: Part 1. By Sid Taylor.

A History of Secret CIA Mind Control Research Techniques used By Government agencies for Mind Control: Part 2. By Sid Taylor.

U.S. Experiments on Children For decades the US Government has been experimenting on children with the use of drugs, deadly viruses, and radioactivity: by Carol Rutz.

Towards the New World Order America's secret police force. Who are FEMA, the MJTF, and the FINCEN? An insider reveals a taste of things to come.

Destined to Di An expose of Mind Control and the Assasination of Princess Diana. 98% of the people surveyed believe that Diana was murdered: By David Icke.

Affidavit of Richard Tomlinson Regarding the assassination of Princess Diana. (To Judge Herve Stephan)

Waco the Real Story What the media didn't tell you about the Waco massacre, when 130 innocent men women and children were slaughtered By US government agents. By Linda Thompson.

Waco the Untold Story An expose Video Documentary gives a totally different picture of what really happened at the Waco massacre. By Samual L. Blumenfeld.

The Paul Wilcher Report on Waco Extracted from a report prepared by Attorney Paul Wilcher, a report based on eyewitness testimony.

A Lecture By Phil Schneider Ex Government engineer tortured to death for     revealing to the American public "black" government projects and engineered  atrocities towards the New World Order.

The Report from Iron Mountain "Brave New World" report on the permanent government's intention to replace war with eugenics, as a means to control the human race. By David Icke.

PROMIS Ex-intellegence agent exposes the truth behind the Government Agencies. By Glenn Krawczyk.

Silent Partners The UKUSA Agreement. Born in secrecy, it will continue to operate in scerecy. NATO nations in a peak security agreement: By Susan Bryce.

Neural Manipulation by Remote Radar This essay has been written using recently declassified records on Project Pandora released on 19 December 1994. By Dr Armen Victorian.

The Port Arthur Massacre An abundance of evidence that supports the fact that Martin Bryant, convicted of the Port Arthur massacre is in fact innocent, and the victim of mind control. By Joe Vialls.

Interview with an Assassin A former CIA assassin reveals mind control techniques are intrinsic to covert intelligence operations: By Walter Bowart.

Interpol Exposed : A private group - Above the Law - And answerable to no one. Its executive members reads like a Nazi Who's Who.

Mind Control Techniques and Tactics of the New World Order : An expose of      engineered arocities By the Intelligence Agencies. By Glenn Krawczyk

Videos Exposing the: The "Unelected" Elite World Government / Freemasonic /
Big Brother / Bilderberg Group and the engineered events towards their Global Domination.

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