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by Tim Rifat.

An article from Nexus Magazine Feb/March 1997

It is suspected that sections of the US military and security agencies have been using synthetic telepathy against 'internal subversives' for at least a decade. If these networks continue to operate unchecked, soon our thoughts may no longer be our own!

Demons at Dimensional Doorways

We are surrounded by a sea of biophysical fields, and the so-called collective unconscious is merely a merging of the biophysical fields of humans and other life-forms. But within this biophysical biosphere may exist remnants of deceased individuals' biophysical fields, which channellers are able to access in contacting the departed or spirit guides. It may also be that, within this biosphere, the biophysical fields of different species merge to form group minds; for example, of the tiger or the wolf. Shamans and witch doctors throughout history have reported these phenomena, but the scientific knowledge to comprehend what might be going on has been absent until today.

Within this framework, it is possible that aliens from other dimensions are able to gain access to our biophysical biosphere by tapping into the energy given off in human sacrifices, black magic rituals and such like, thus allowing malevolent aliens-the so-called demonic entities-into our realm. A study of this phenomenon indicates it could be one of the principal paranormal causes of world wars.

It may be no coincidence that, in their systematic studies of paranormal phenomena, some Theosophists and initiates of the Order of the Golden Dawn could have tampered unknowingly with forces that opened gateways to other dimensions, thus enabling malevolent biophysical fields to enter our milieu. Once here, these malevolent demonic entities could easily have entered the minds of the European leaders, provoking them into starting the First World War that would slay so many young men, and releasing so much life-force and negative emotion upon which they could feed.

Secret US research into electronic gateways to other dimensions may also be enabling entities to enter our continuum with a view to poisoning the consciousness of humanity in preparation for war.

Paranormal Research Techniques

Throughout my research I have become aware of how useful remote viewing (RV) can be in gaining information on topics that have proved impossible to analyse by any other method. [An introduction to the science underlying RV and remote mind-control technology (RMCT) is published in NEXUS, vol. 3, no. 6.

Having developed basic do-it-yourself guides for beginners in the RV field, I found that there was still an accuracy problem with these simple methods. So I set up the company, Paranormal Management Systems, to concentrate on the scientific study of RV and the development of techniques that would far outstrip most military methodologies in the West. Unfortunately, most RV practitioners have not had access to these new techniques and are utilising controlled remote-viewing methodologies as espoused by the Americans.

Any group of researchers willing to use the paranormal as an aid to investigation can make use of techniques such as remote viewing, telepathy and group-augmentation effects. So what are the steps involved?

Instead of switching off the brain stress system to inculcate the theta state of consciousness (the method I use in PMS training), a much simpler technique can be used-involving listening to baroque music to relax the brain for RV or telepathic operation. This baroque music technique was developed by the Bulgarians in their Suggestology Super Learning parapsychology training courses. They found that the ordered, rhythmic nature of this music entrains alpha waves in the listener. It is much less efficient than the PMS training but for beginners it is relatively easy just to listen to baroque music as a prelude to practising RV or telepathy.

Group-Augmented RV & ESP Capabilities

Researchers using RV to investigate UFOs, for instance, need to work together in groups for best results.

Firstly, the group decides on one particular target, be it an alien planet, military site, etc., and each member then tries to obtain RV data on the target. This is done separately so that none of the remote viewers gets a chance to discuss findings while in the process of remote viewing.

Once they have completed their RV, they look at all the data the group has acquired. The common characteristics of what they viewed remotely would be the details they should then concentrate on, because if all or most of the remote viewers saw the same thing independently, this would indicate that their RV was accurate.

A similar method can be used by ESP/telepathy research groups, whether they be involved in psychic questing or tapping into hidden knowledge in the collective unconscious.

So, by applying this method of statistical analysis to the group's data, accurate RV or ESP/telepathy episodes can be targeted, and meaningful results can be obtained even if any one individual's RV or ESP/telepathy capability is inaccurate. Consequently, the success that each individual achieves within the group will provide positive feedback and improve individual RV capability by a mechanism analogous to the 'hundredth monkey' effect-the learning of new habits at a distance with no physical contact. More on this shortly.

But let us return briefly to the work of Dr Jessica Utts of Stanford University. Through her statistical analysis of the results of US military RV tests she found that the RV effect was slightly greater than chance, thus proving that RV is indeed a real phenomenon.

European remote viewers are likely to be practising similar RV methods to the Americans, so they need to use a technique to filter out noise from the RV signal. By remote viewing a target firstly in an independent manner within a group and then going over the results as a group, much of the RV noise can be filtered out. This amplifies RV accuracy by augmenting the signal-to-noise ratio. So, using multiple remote-viewers to give a large database, non-correlated RV noise can be cancelled out by cross-correlating results-thus ignoring spurious data not noted by other members of the group and, instead, concentrating on details that everyone viewed remotely. This means that meaningful results can be gleaned by using group-augmented RV, even though the RV effect may only be slightly greater than chance.

As a caveat, PMS training methods (As well as the drastic techniques used by the Russians) can dramatically improve RV or ESP/telepathic efficiency. In my research I have found that groups of people who remotely view the same site at the same time actually amplify their RV capabilities and boost their RV efficiency. This is due to a merging of a biophysical RV state functions of the fields involved.

I have mentioned the 'hundredth monkey' effect, where the more people practise a 'meme' (habitual action or activity), the easier that action becomes for the group. It is a well known phenomenon that when people or animals repeat the same meme, there is a threshold after which that meme becomes habitual to the race or species. The best example is the Japanese monkey that learnt to remove sand from its wild rise by washing handfuls of this sandy rice in the sea. Other members of its troop copied this meme. Once a hundred or so of its peers had learnt this action, the meme miraculously appeared in other monkey troops on other islands far removed from the original progenitor of this meme. The hundredth monkey phenomenon is a well known anecdote about the spreading of memes by remote viewing.

My discussion of biophysical fields and how they can interact with the fields of other members of the species would seem to indicate that when a threshold number of biophysical fields learn a new meme, the intent for that meme is spread by spontaneous telepathy. This means that remote viewing is difficult at first, but it becomes easier as more people practise it.

A similar effect is demonstrated with ESP and telepathy. Group-augmented ESP and telepathy can dramatically boost latent psi-talent in the individual and result in a growth of paranormal abilities as the biophysical field of the individual merges with the group and is amplified in the process. This amplification process of the individual's biophysical field is then carried over to the individual upon the return of the biophysical field to the single state.

Group amplification of biophysical fields enables the individual biophysical field to develop from morphogenetic functioning, through to primary consciousness, and hence to high-order consciousness where ESP/telepathic functions are accessible.

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